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Eta Media is a digital marketing agency, which is passionate about the work!

We love meeting new customers, making new collaborations, sharing our knowledge, and supporting your business.

From the first to the last steps of our journey we are leading you as your second shoe and taking care of your ideas and goals. We are professionals. We are certified. We always take clear actions at the beginning of our journey and discuss it with you. Trust us.

Our goal is always to deliver a service that you love, so we have a deep urge to provide you what you want. Eta Media is here to help you create something truly outstanding.

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marketing plan services

Strategic Marketing Plan

We will show the right path for your marketing route. A strategic marketing plan is a detailed document or blueprint that describes the current market position of your company, your target demographic, an overview of the marketing mix that you will use to meet your marketing objectives, and most importantly, how you can assess whether or not it succeeds.

digital marketing services

Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing you can reach an enormous audience. Digital marketing includes the distribution of good and services across a wide range of digital platforms, leveraging the Internet and mobile devices. Push and pull campaign strategies ar used, engaging customers both specifically and implicitly.

web development services

Web development

Today websites are salespersons. We know how to “train” your salesperson correctly. Web production is the creation and management of websites, it is the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look fantastic, work quickly and perform well with a smooth user interface. Web engineers, or “devs”, use a number of coding languages to achieve this.

Grow Leads and Sales with Eta Media

digital marketing ideas

You have got a business, we have got brilliant ideas how to reach your customers.

Digital Marketing Done Right

We make sure that the right content is reaching the right people. We figure it out how to reach, connect and convert simple visitors in potential customers.

You Earn the Best

Our goal is the same. Highest possible Return Of Investment and add value to your customers. We want our clients happy. We want you to be happy.


We will determine the viability of your product through research conducted directly with potential customers.


We will create a game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into costumers.


Process of designing and conducting experiments to optimise and improve the results of a target area.


“I’m on the Online Industry since 2007. Only a few times I was able to find a business partner as professional, ready, and knowledgeable as Aiste. She is the person you can trust to get things done and working flawlessly.”

Ephraim Mario Rattner

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Aiste Juceviciene
Meet Aiste

Founder & CEO

Growing up in Lithuania, in a beautiful country by the Baltic Sea, I developed an early passion for communication and exploration of new things in a digital world. I become fascinated by how quickly the digital world is growing and changing in a positive way. I saw strong potential in the marketing industry and decided to go to London, Kingston University to study Marketing Management. There I gained valuable experience in marketing, advertising, improved my communication skills, and understood that marketing is my way in life and I do not want to stop by improving my knowledge in this industry.

After my studies, I began my professional marketing career working in companies such as Julia Janus, SMK, Zemaitijos pienas. In November 2019, I decided to create my own digital marketing agency Eta Media, where I could share my 6+ years of knowledge in marketing, advertising, and sales as a way to document the things I love. 

Today I want to share my knowledge and experience with You and make your business dreams come true! Let’s have a chat and get to know each other! 

I am always here to help and have a lovely talk!

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